Hi Guys I'm a newbie question

Hi Guys,
I’m just getting started in blender and have successfully worked through creating a few objects and scenes. I’m now moving onto animation and I’ve come across a problem. Basically I’ve modelled a small mechanical item and I’m trying to show it’s components in an exploded view. I want each object to be shown rotated through 360 degrees (to show it off) and then slip back into place. If I try to move a single object in the animation all the objects move. I must have set a relationship between the objects somehow because if i create a new rendering with two cubes i can animate both happily.
Can anyone help please?

You might have parented your objects to one another… select all of your objects(a) and press CTRL + P to un-parent them.

you might added an object while other were selected the tendency they will all move.

!arg! another abuser of the new animation thread:ba:. u just joined so we will give you some slack (this time!).at the bottom of the forms their is the animation support forums. post your problems there ty.

Thanks for your responses guys.

I’d tried this already and it hadn’t worked. I realised this time that I hadn’t selected all the items at the same time. I tried this and now it works.
Thanks :smiley:

Sorry I’ve committed a classic newbie error. One which I’m always warning other people about on other forums. Could one of you please PM me the name of a mod and i’ll ask them to move the thread.

YAY!!! I SOLVED MY FIRST NEWBIE QUESTION! IM TURNING INTO A PRO! ok, maybe not… but it is my first question I answered