Hi, Having some problems

I’m quite new to blender but I do understand the basics. I can model and animate and I and just starting on the game engine.
I have tried to make my character walk around using the w,s,a,d keys and space to jump. i wanted him to walk up the hill.

There are three problems that i have found:

  1. the top of his legs poke through his body.
  2. he goes part way into the hill, then collides with it, some times he just passes straight though
  3. When you jump if you continuously press space he will continue to go higher.

Thanks for your help

I have fixed problem 2.
But not 1 or 3



  1. I’m guessing that you need to make sure that the top of the legs adhere to his stomach bones - they shouldn’t bend with the leg bones. That is the effect you’re seeing. Alternatively, move the top of his legs down, so that they aren’t so tall up into his body.

  2. You need to connect a Collision sensor set to the ‘ground’ property to the same ‘And’ sensor that makes jumping possible (when there’s a collision on the ground and you press Space, he jumps).

Thanks I have fixed the problem of question three, by for question 1 my man’s limbs are separate from his body. I think it is because one side of the material is transparent, but I do not know how to fix it.


Test with Player1.blend (1.91 MB)