Hi, help to get normal map for a diff map - Photoshop , making a videogame - Blender

Hi guys, thats it, Im trying to make the normal map for this diffuse, all this its a robot armor


Then I join all layers to get one


Then I use the Nvidia plugin to make the normal map


And what I get is


As u can see, these guys dont get normal mapped :frowning:

I want to know if is good to apply normal map, I heared greyscaled bump is outdated

Thxxx :o

Select yellow area in layer β€œall” - change to white (or black)

Then use nVidia normal map filter.

Hey thx Waternz

I did what u told me black or white

The output was the same as with black or white, but I had to activate that option

The outcome

Render weird, I think cause the lot of scratches the texture has, Ill try getting them out, and just do what I saw in several videos: make the normal map first, then paint the scratches manually

And, thats the option to activate normal map dont u?

Ill try crazy bump too check the results jeje

Black will bump in one direction, white in the opposite direction.

In Blender also check,

Textures > Image Sampling > Normal Map > Tangent

Heyyy, I had to be ausent some days, I think got nice result with crazybump options and modifying the Nor option in Texture tab in Blender

Any more advices welcome xP

Thxxx ppl :slight_smile: