Hi, help with photoshop texture in blender

Hi guys :p, Im making a videogame with friends, we will use Unity motor, we use Blender and Photoshop (so we need diff and specular files)
Here we have:

  • Mesh blend

  • Uv map: I made it and check all uvs are blue and some slightly lightblue inr order not stretech it of getting green, with export uv layout, and chose 10241024 png, and another with 20482048. I checked the UVs

  • Photoshop psd file and diff tag file (I saw ppl use it but dont know why, explain me pls), just the 10241024, cant upload the 20482048, its heavy in size :no:, And noticed I cant upload any file cause they re 3mb+

In Photoshop I select the uv lines with polygonal lasso to get nice selection and paint

The problem :frowning: comes when I apply the texture in the mesh and when I render it, it looks ugly, the hand paint overflows in 10241024, in 20482048 looks less overflowed, and in the uv map in uv editor looks overflowed too
And we need to get an exact painting or what solution u could advice me :frowning:

Sorry for post links, I cant see them in preview post option o.O
And Thxxxxx for ur time guys :o

not what is causing it to do that

here is one of many possible solutions. use selection mask in texture paint

Hi yep I activated sometimes, but not solving my problem T_T, thxxx anyway

Taking a look at the UVs in Blender and the UV image export in Photoshop, it’s very apparent that these are not the same UV maps. One of the UV islands in the Photoshop layer is at ninety degrees to the same island in the Blender UV Editor – this indicates that the mapping being used in Photoshop is not the current UV mapping, so any painting done to it will be inaccurate.

Export a new, current UV image for use in Photoshop and it should fix the problem.

Hey, hi chipmasque, sorry I got wrong this time uploading images hehe
I done right now, so this is the problem, this happened to u before?
Im getting crazy with textures o.O

The problem as I can see it is that your image map is too low resolution for the amount of detail you want. A 1024 map is rather small by today’s standards and shouldn’t be crowded with so many UV islands if you want finer detail in the resulting texture on the model. I frequently use 2048 & 4096 image maps depending on the subject matter. I know you have to economize for games, but you also have to keep overall image quality in mind. Use the largest practical image map that suits the subject.

You also have a lot of wasted spec in the UV layout. You should spend some time arranging the islands so they fit optimally, so when they fill the image area they cover the maximum area possible, This increases the available detail level for any one island. That being said, make sure you have generous border gaps between islands, as recently Blender seems to have trouble keeping its textures maps withing reasonable UV bounds, and they can bleed into areas they shouldn’t if island borders are too close.

Another consideration is edge orientation on your UV islands. If you have a painted area on your model that you want to have sharp borders, you need to make sure your UV islands’ edges don’t run at small angles to the horizontal or perpendicular, because painting with pixels causes “jaggies” in those situations, it’s inevitable. It’s not always possible to do this in every case, but it’s something to consider while doing your UV island layouts.

Hey thxx for the info, this uv layout was to test jeje, I had an ordered one, with no stuck islands
Ohhh about the jaggies I planned to arrange my islands in a front view, with no 45º as is in the image, but I remember having this problem before, but this will monimize this “jaggie” effect that was getting me crazy all time :smiley:

Anyhow, on Texture tab, Image Sampling, try Filter Size less than default 1. Hope helps.

Hi I notices what Filter size works hehe, but didnt help in this case, anyways im painting in 2048*2048 and will upload in blender as a tar file, painting with brush tool, not with selectign with polygonal lazzo first, cause it shows pixeles in an evident way hehe, afterwards show u what the painting looks, thx guys xP