hi, I am a newb, i have a few questions about feathers.

as I said I’m a newb, I am actually on my very first blender project. I know you should start off with something simple, like a logo, or something like that (actually it is a logo, I’m just using a bird as part of the logo.) but I needed to learn blender fast, so I would make my own crash course of sorts, mixing and matching a lot of tutorials (I swear I have seen at least 100 probably more tutorials by now.) to make what I want to make. the reason I’m trying to dive right in is because the teacher that runs my schools news cast really wants a new opening logo for the news cast, and I suggested a program that I knew of called, guess what, blender. and she immediately jumped at it, (I expected she would just say ok, do a little looking into it, and move on.) and put me in charge of making it. I would have objected, and explained that I had only just downloaded it, but, it gave me an excuse to learn it. (I know that I don’t need an excuse, but knowing me, I would just put it off otherwise.)

sorry, I really didn’t need to explain the above, but I feel the odd need to explain myself (plus its a good way to explain my situation, why I am so new at this, and why I’m trying to do something complicated. or, I think it’s complicated, if it’s not, I’ll really feel like an idiot :stuck_out_tongue: )

what I am designing is a phoenix, currently I am in the modeling stage, and I don’t have any problems with that, it’s turning out really well, my biggest problem, is that it looks like it’s pregnant, but I can work that out, my real problem is the feathers. I have found enough things telling me how to rig and make the wings, and how to place the feathers. but only two tutorials, on how to make them. one is making them out of hair. the quality that I am looking for in the feathers is that they can move properly, like if a wind blew on them, they would move like real feathers, or if i make the wings flap, they move like real feathers. the hair I think would sort of give it this quality, but wouldn’t it just fall flat? like hair? the other tutorial said make a new face, and model and texture a feather on it (p.s. how do I texture feathers as well?) but the problem with this one, I would imagine is that it would be stiff. at least I think it would. would it?

I’m pretty much just asking, how do I make a realistic feather.

also if you can answer or recommend a tutorial for these next two. but the main question is the one above, these two are just out of curiosity, I could probably figure them out on my own. but it would be nice to know ahead of time.

  1. how can I make the wing fold like a real birds wing?
  2. and how can I make it so that when i extend the wing, the feathers extend in the right way.

I would place the feathers with a hairsystem too onto your object. By the way, here is a very nice tutorial from David Ward how to make feathers: LINK
I would add an armature for your wing and animate it before you add the particle system…

yeah, I’ve seen the tutorial, that’s actually how I am going to be making the downy feathers, and this was the tutorial that suggested using a plane or a face or whatever it was. (I’m new, don’t judge me if I don’t know the simple terms :stuck_out_tongue: )