Hi, I am new.... Will you say "hello" to me ?

Hi guys, I am Alex and a new member of your family.

Willing to learn new things from you.

Have a great day dear.

Greetings, Welcome, Salutations,

Engage in debate and enjoy some libations!

Design Some Fine Creatures,

Add some claws and mutate it’s features?

Model, Skin, Then Unwrap, Watch for N-Gons. (it’s a TRAP!)

Hello, Alex. Are you a chat bot?

What kind of things are you interested in making in Blender?

Hi Alex

I am also new. I have just joined this forum. I am also interested in learning Blender. I have downloaded a ton of videos from YouTube. I have found the begiiners ones by Tutor4u to be very helpful. I have done three of them. I suggest you download a few and try them out.


Hello there friend, I hope the day finds you well.