hi i have framerate problems

this is e screen of how it is ingame just on the new blender 3d
but how can i boost up my frame rate i am kind of new in this on frame rates
i know when i move my cursor on a monster then it gos really slow framerate
around 5 or 6 framerate and
if i move the cursor al the way up to the sky then it has 30 framerate is it the logic
i can see it is 80.00% sometimes in use

how can i make it les more in use???
has someone got some tips for me on how i can reduse this

this is 1 monster but can it be because it has 2 near sensors they are both needed
if i replace this with a radar is it helping in framerates

please give me some tips i be very thankfull

greets dr-mad

hmm thats a tricky one.
the only way to boost frame rate is a stronger driver.
mine is 60fps and 40 minimum.

You have two near and two collision sensors… both fairly cpu intensive ones. What can’t be seen here is your pulse modes on the sensors. It would take too long to explain pulse modes here, suffice to say if either of the buttons that looks like … on the sensor is on it will take more CPU (although it may well be needed!). Look up a tutorial on pulse modes to learn more.

blendiac i have look to the pulse’s but in all of the sensors none is set to true or false no one is pressed

and my second picture is on his lowest framerate it switches to 20 or 10 frramerate’s

what do i check for next to see if it helps to get my framerate up a bit

thanks for the help so far guys

more tips are welkom :wink:

sorry but i got it sort of fixed i add in my walk script on the end

but when i set it to 60 the frame rate dont go to 60 it sort of go his own way

but now it is running constand 30 frames per second :wink: :smiley:

just found this somewhere on the forum

thanks for the help everyone but now its on a good speed :wink: