Hi i need help

I started on blender a while ago and and i made a flask for Tamriel Rebuilt
can some one tell me how i can texture a certain part of the model.


the cap obove the red circle is what i want to seperate.

Also how can i lower the polys so it would work in morrowinds engine.

to create new material indices, make the material you want, on a plane or whatever, so it’s handy, then, go into edit buttons, go into edit mode, select the vertices you want to change the material of, and,…
in the edit buttons are some buttons relating to materials, that look almost identical to the vertex group buttons, which are right next to them. in the materials groups buttons, press ‘new’, then, go into the materials window, and change to the cork material that you made. now, go back into the edit buttons, and press ‘assign’.

for your other question, just go into the edit buttons, and use the ‘decimator’ slider. it may not be pretty but it will lower the polys to whatever the required range is.

<edit> btw, material indices are covered in the documentation.

does anyone know any good plant making tutorials. I’m clueless on how to make one.

What kind of plant? If you want to make trees (bushes, vines, etc.) Take a look here:


People have come up with some pretty nice trees with that script. :wink: Otherwise, this looks like a good way to model a plant: click here
^^ written for 3ds max, but you can use the same idea in Blender. Hope one of those helps you :smiley:

I need to make a plant that looks like this. I don’t want a scene either cause it might be going ingame. Maybe for a mod in elderscrolls 4 oblivion.

it need s to be a cross from this:

and this:

plant that looks like this.

Need to pay special attention while smoking.


its edited I had to do something.