Hi I need some help.

Well I was trying to make a blender logo(like so many others) and I was going to texture it, so I found a texture to use and extruded the 2d logo out then textured it but, now the edges(the parts in between the extruded parts) are white and I want to know how to make them orange(like the vector Blender logo), how would I do this?

I really need help because this is for a game competition in my area.

Still no help? Here’s the file:blender logo.blend (159 KB)


Long story short, you didn’t unwrap and map the side edges. In the attached file I:

  1. Created a seam around the bottom edge
  2. Pinned all of the faces you had already mapped
  3. Unwrapped the side edges
  4. Started mapping the side faces

This should get you started,

Best of Luck!


blender logoFIX.blend (57.5 KB)

I would have thought I could just put a material on them. Thanks!

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