Hi . . If I place a tri wrong, for a game, can I flip it in Blender .

I need to make a few levels, for a Godot game and it uses tris, but sometimes when I use ’ quads to tris ’ the faces or not divided the way I want, is there a quick way to flip a ’ wrongly ’ placed tri, so it goes the ’ other ’ way, instead . .

Each face has a normal, which is a perpendicular line coming from the “correct” side of a face.

As for your question, yes you can flip it. There are multiple ways to flip normals.
First, you want to select the faces to be fixed.
Now press Alt + N to open up the normals menu.
From there you can select from a veriety of functions to do with normals. For just flipping the normals you selected, click Flip.
If you are lazy and want to fix multiple spots, you can select the whole mesh and instead click Recalculate Outside from the menu (or Shift + N).


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No, I mean, when I triangulate, tris are placed randomly, not the normal, for a game I need them sometimes to be not that way, but just other way, inside tri’d face . . I just want to make the quad triangulate along the other way . .

When done automatically, it can make problems, in the game, is there a button, to take a face, that has been turned into a tri, and make the tri go between ’ two other ’ corners, in the old quad . .

Oh, I see. I haven’t heard of such a thing that can do that. You may have to get them all the right way manually. Also see whether the settings in Triangulate would help. Perhaps Fixed Alternate or Shortest Diagonal may help.

Like, if this line is going the wrong way, in the 3D . . .

The game creates a tri-mesh collision body, and it will look bad, if the ’ tris ’ aren’t right . .

This post describes it, but it’s missing in 2.82 . .

Looking at the 2nd reply to it, there is another option being rotating edges so that you could go through and manually fix all the ones that are the wrong way.
Also, what do you mean by missing in 2.82?
They all seem to work fine.

Oh, I found it, in edge menu, called ’ rotate edge ’ . . <3 :smiley: :smiley:

<3 :smiley: Wonderful <3

Excellent, it seems you have figured it out. :+1:

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