Hi im back! need help with exact measurements., sum questions

I need help on this.

I want to make right now a scene and I want it to be MEASURMENT exact …like…real .

lets say a room is 3 meters in height. 3 x 4 meters. how can I make the scene with those exact units.

another question…if I make the …elements too big…will the render take longer…or the ilumination-light affect everything?

whats the best scene units to make a good arquitectyre room?

how can I know if the size is the correct HUMAN size…u knw what i mean…


If you make a cube and set its dimensions to 3x4 units, you’ll have your 3x4m room (the default unit is Blender is meters). To check if the size is correct for a human, add a human into the scene. For example, the default rig from Mixamo is free and human sized. You can also find a bunch here: https://free3d.com/3d-models/human

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