Hi, im kinda new here...(wip)

(BoitCEZ) #1

Hello, my name is Boit :smiley: … I have been using Blender as a hobby for about a year now… I would like some honest evaluation on what you think of my work.
This is my latest image that i made in Blender and post processed in Photoshop 5…

If you have time you can look at other images of mine here…

hopefully the links work and i look forward to sharing more of my work soon…

(S68) #2

I’d love to see more


(BgDM) #3

That’s some cool stuff there. I really like the sword image.


(BoitCEZ) #4

In case the first link was not working, the image i was talking about is titled “WIP-new”

BgDM- thanks for the compliment! The sword is something i just did in like 5 minutes… ill post an axe I have been working… i think you may like it!

S68- I hope I post more :smiley:

(BoitCEZ) #5

I uploaded the ax that I made…(Its not that great :frowning: ) Its the last image in the list… http://briefcase.yahoo.com/boitcz

(BgDM) #6

Nice axe there as well. Tone doen the bump on the blade and make a separation as to where the actual cutting edge is on it as well.