Hi! I'm new here and I have a question...

I’m trying to model a humanoid so I modeled the body and the hands separately (It was easier for weight painting).
I made one hand and rigged it and then copied it with SHIFT + D (the mesh and the armature) but when I try to join the meshes and the armatures, the bones in one hand control both hands and the bones in the other control none…
Anybody knows how to fix it?
thanks :evilgrin:

thats a very common mistake if you will go to wight paint and select the bone that controls both hands you will see what both hands are red do now go to vertex groups and go to edit mode (don’t quit wight paint press tab ) there copy the vertex group(in links and materials)F9 tab and name it some how then select back the fist one select the hands polys (pres B twice or select it as you want) and then press remove it will remove vetrs from that bone press tab to check now when thats ok select the 2nd hand bone and go to edit mode again and from the vertex groups pickup the group you copied last time and select the other hand and again remove … well that the way i do it ;]

I selected a bone that controls areas in both hands, and copied its vertex group… and then i lost you.
by the way, The bone’s painted areas are not identical in both hands, is that normal?

so when you select the bone that moves both hands you see two red hands ? im kind of lost to ;p

Well, not red but it isn’t supposed to be all red.
Both hands are painted but there are little diffferences.

When you copied the hand, you also copied the weight painting. That’s why both hands are linked to the same bone. With the controlling bone selected, you have to paint the new hand all blue to unlink it from the bone, select the correct bone, and repaint. Or, I think there is a script for copying and mirroring weight paints, but I’m not sure if it will work in this situation.

I was hoping i won’t have to paint the second hand myself…
Is there an option to copy the vertex group from the original hand, mirror it and assign it to the second hand?
when the hands are not a joined mesh, the bones work fine…

Ok, I did it.
I copied the vertex group of each finger and assigned it to the finger in the other hand and then removed the vertices that belong to the other hand.