hi...I'm new here

3rd time tryin’ to post…I’ve been doing Blender 2 1/2 yrs …lots of Blender at my site…www.johndsigns.com…0pinions appreciated

Welcome to Elysiun. I shall check out your site momentarily. You came at a good time,…we just got raytracing and refraction. ( check out the sticky thread at the top of this subforum for the builds. )

Hi John. Welcome to the community.


Very nice renders. I can see you will be using the raytracing alot, judging from the chrome and glass.

Welcome to the community!
Great works on your site!

Your artwork is very good! 2d and 3d.
Welcome to the forums!

thanx…& thanx for lookin’…as usual johnd

Allthough I’m late (as usual…), I’d like to welcome you John D… :smiley:

I hope you’ll enjoy the forums… %|

Have a nice staying here in elysiun… :smiley:

wellcome to elysiun!!!
please fastens your seat belt.