Hi! Im new here

Hello everyone. I just want to introduce myself and maybe find some new friends. I really like this comunity. I hope i can be here even tho i don’t know much about 3D modeling. Im just a couple of days with blender but i always liked to do something related to this [but never had time :rolleyes:] I hope i learn here a lot. Maybe someone can give me some advice or information. Can’t wait to make something great.

There’s a whole section of the forums dedicated to tutorials and questions on blender. And if you want some beginner level stuff, there are some channels on youtube that could help with that. Like blenderguru.

Hello and welcome to the blender community. Blender can look a bit intimidating at first glance even to others who have 3d background the hardest part is learning the user interface and storing all the shortcut keys in your head (no post-it notes, the room would be full of them). But all things aside as BladeManEXE said, look around for online tutorials to get you started. Blender Guru is a good one he has a bunch of free tutorials on his site https://www.blenderguru.com/ There is also another site CGCookie that is a good site as well https://cgcookie.com/learn-blender There are also a bunch of tutorials scattered all over YouTube as well but just be careful as some do not really help with learning the hows and the whys. Also keep in mind that starting simple really is the way to go, learn correct edge flow/topology and it will go a long way. Look forward to seeing your progress through your learning curve. Good luck and best wishes.

Thank you guys! that’s really nice