Hi I'm New To Blender

Hi I’m New to Blender Can u Say Where I Can model

edit : finished project => Technical support

sorry, I’m not sure to understand the question, could you be more specific ?

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In the viewport,

If you press Tab while hovering your mouse over the viewport, you will enter edit mode.

while in edit mode if you press the 1 key you will enter Vertex Edit Mode, if you press 2 you enter Edge edit mode and if you press 3 you enter face mode.
and you can extrude with the E key

while being in either any mode, object or edit mode you can Scale, Move, or Rotate.
Scale = S Key
Move (Grab) = G key
Rotate = R key

The basics in terms of moving around in the viewport is:
With Middle Mouse depressed you can move your mouse left or right, up, and down to rotate around the world or selected object that is focused.
Shift and Middle Click and Moving left, right, up, and down will Pan around the viewport
and Scrolling in and Out will Zoom in and out of the Viewport

To add objects, you can do Shift + A, and under the menu you will see mesh, in that list is a bunch of meshes you can use and from there you can make things

It’s the super basics, but I hope that helps