HI im new

(Ace02) #1

Hello ive been using blender for about three year’s and a half now all I used it for before was to make buttons and small logo’s and I am just now starting to make cool modles and renderings.

(sten) #2

Hey Ace02 !

you are welcome :slight_smile:

(paradox) #3

Welcome looking forward to seeing some of your stuff.

(Clete2) #4

Welcome… I am new too… at least you have experience… I started a few days ago…

(Enzoblue) #5

Hi guys, welcome :slight_smile:

([email protected]) #6

Hi Ace02,

Welcome to blender, hope to see more of your posts :smiley:


(Schlops) #7

Gabba gabba hey!

It’s always nice to have some fresh fruit around (Beware of the monkeys!)
Welcome you all!

(rwv01) #8

Greetings Ace02!
Where might one be able to see your web graphics?

Greetings also to Clete2!

Glad to have you both.

(blengine) #9

hey theres nothing wrong with “a few good monkeys”! =)

welcome guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

(CubeFan973) #10

Hello, New.
Say, you seem a lot like Ace02, New.

(Haven’t you ever read “Garfield?”)

(Timonides) #11

Ohhh, noooo… Please don’t start with the Monkeys all over again… ( /me still wears the ancient spartan helmet from that previous thread… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Welcome Ace02 looking forward to see some good pics from you… :wink:

Clete2 welcome too… BTW, you may lack experience, but perhaps you’ve got talent… I am looking forward to see some nice stuff from you too… :wink:


(benstabler) #12

Hi Ace02! :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Say, whats with the monkeys?

(theeth) #13

You shouldn’t have said that. You have just unleashed a wave of monkey chatter :stuck_out_tongue:


(benstabler) #14


(Timonides) #15

Too late!!! Now no one can help you any more…


:< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< ( :stuck_out_tongue: )


p.s.: Now I just love those new emoticons… They are really great… aren’t they???
:Z :< %| :expressionless: [>] [!]

(benstabler) #16

Must escape… Can’t…

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o