Hi I'm starting a game development team!!!!!!!!!!!

:DHi my name is Herman and I am from South Africa Kreursdorp (close to key west mall). I want to form a team to create a PC game using Blender GE. If you are interested to join me please send me an E-mail at;) [email protected];). It doesn’t matter if you are totally new to game designing. As long as you have a passion for 3-D designing and gaming!:slight_smile:

;)Or you can invite me on mxit- 072-750-3553:yes:

that your phone no.??
shouldnt post it…

I hope that’s not your phone number, did your parents ever tell you about what not to post on forums?

The worst that could happen would be continual harassment of your family through the phone, or VenomSeven giving you a good talking to about team projects when he dials that number.

Better yet, maybe a mod can take it out of your post for the sake of your safety if it is your number.

At least modify the post and re-spell the e-mail address by using “dot” instead of “.” and “at” instead of"@"-you may get allot of spam sent to your mailbox by posting your e-mail on public forums… Read more and TRY to be more careful next time…

… and generally people will only join your project if you have something to show them that its actually a valid project. concept art, storylines, system planning, technical goals, maybe a small demo scene.

Yeah, I agree with J09. You dont even say anything about the game. what type of game is it, where doew it take place, what style graphics, etc etc. Give a little more detail, man! And yeah, get rid of your phone number… :smiley: