hi my name is viswa

How to create an image am not able to play it its just showing the image on the top i gave 250 frames

i was scared, i though you said Vista, anyway , i dont know if anyone understands your question can you re-ask again with more detail, then maybe we can help you, welcome !

Welcome to the BA forums,
Please try to rephrase your question as i also do not understand what you are trying to ask

i think you mean u need to play an animation in the background of a 3d view, well, use animate and then press the right key to advance in the frames until you get the frame you want!

or press alt-a to play the animation in the 3D view

download thisfile and opne in Blender.
Just Press ALT+A and animation will start.
Want to save as JPGs then in the Render option select for JPGs