Hi - my newbie questions

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to the software, and I have some elementary questions:

  1. How do I get my animations, for example, fluid animations, to show up when I press ‘P’? At the moment, if I create a fluid object and a domain to hold it, all I get is a box in the shape of the domain when I start the game engine.

  2. How do I get my meshes to collide in the game engine? It works with a default mesh such as a cube when I make it into a rigid body and suspend it above a plane, but when I do so much as change the dimensions of the cube, the collision data is lost, as the following image shows (the cubes fall most of the way through the plane when ‘box’ is selected under ‘bounds’.



if you uploaded a .blend file I could take a look at it.

OK, here it is:


The scene contains a brick which has been resized and has strange collision data, and there is a ball on the end of a chain which I would like to be able to animate in the game engine - if you press Alt + A now, you will see it swing. It looks very wierd in the game engine when P is pressed though, and I don’t know how to animate it.


Just a note that fluids and particles do not work in the game engine. I can’t download your file right now (got to go in a minute), so I’m not sure why your cubes are falling.