hi need tester????? or want to be a tester of games

hi to everyone i found a site that is for testers and game developers

its a nice looking site and they want it to grow

are you a tester for games and give your advice???

or you want to post your games for more tips or so???

go to this site http://www.vgt-central.com

it is a realy nice site so far its not mine but it is really great site for us game engine users

if you want you can visit the site its realy nice

and make a account and put in if your a tester or a developer :smiley:

greets dr-mad i hope you guys like it its really helpfull site

let me know here what you think of it :confused:

lol …whats the meaning of working without payment :stuck_out_tongue:

you can put your unfinished project’s there and let ppl test it and give you tips :wink:

or you can give tips for testing others games :wink:

there on the forum you can reqeust a sort of consept art or so

it can be great if there were more blender ppl so that it can be a usefull site for blender games

you can put .exe files for ppl to test it then they dont steal your scripts and stuff as you look it that way ;p

so try making a account there and bbe usefull :wink:

greets dr-mad

im gonna check it out!