Hi new member and can anyone advise please ?

Hi new member and can anyone advise please ?

Really pleased to have found this website as I’ve been wanting to do animation for
ages and ages ! :slight_smile: Also can one use any Daz add-ons ?

However I’m a bit confused, could anyone advise about the URL below as they include the name Blender as well ?


Many thanks in advance

Longlocks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!

If you want to produce movie quality animations, you have indeed found the right place. 3d magix is a tutorial set, that I believe uses blender as their “software”. Not sure, because I’ve never paid anyone anything for a tutorial or 3d software. try http://cgcookie.com for tutorials on blender and http://www.nevercenter.com/silo/ for good modeling techniques. Of course download blender from http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/ Don’t pay anyone!

Daz, is a “cut and paste” method for achieving mediocre results IMO. You need to learn modeling, materials, texturing, lighting, and then rigging and animation. (and particles, cloth, hair, fluid, and physics engine) Blender has all of those, You don’t need anything else just lots of study, trial and error.

If you do buy something, buy dvds from the blender institute, both to support them, and to learn from the included content. Now go and make something great;)

Don’t touch 3dmagix. Its just blender at a price. Put 3dmagix in the forum search box to find out about it.


Hi and thank you both for the welcome and replies :slight_smile:

As I used to be in the hair industry and have always enjoyed drawing for as long as I can remember, it seemed a natural progression to attempt to combine both interests eventually into some sort of animation sequences.

Unfortunately being a total beginner in animation and not knowing about Blender beforehand (wish I had after reading some of the forum posts !) I’d already bought the full 3D magix pack but after wading through loads of technical stuff that meant little or nothing, disappointingly I still couldn’t find much about hair at all in the manuals, whilst the pictures I’d found at Daz were really excellent. I had tried the free Daz pack for a while prior but soon discovered I’d much rather learn to do professional looking animations in the long run, especially after seeing one or two interesting tutorials about hair here on Blender.

I know there’s always a risk when one buys on the Net but as it was through Paypal and secure and 3Dmagix are offering a full refund if not satisfied within 8 weeks, I felt safe enough to go ahead. Are there any Blender dvds on hair as I’d happily buy them if they’re any good ? And you’re absolutely right about texture etc. as hair is almost one of the hardest things to draw properly freehand without it finishing up looking like a straw-filled cap ! :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks again, I think it might be worth asking for a refund from 3DMagix now…


The ‘Venoms Lab’ training DVD from the makers of blender includes video tutorials for making hair.
http://www.blender3d.org/e-shop/product_info_n.php?products_id=118 The DVD is also on YouTube. Search for ‘venoms lab’ and it is chapter 8.

Venoms Lab on Youtube

Good luck with a refund. Don’t be supprised if you don’t get it.


Thanks for the link ! From memory, seen it on ebay I think, there’s something in Paypal’s rules about honouring pledges etc. and as losing the services of Paypal virtually cuts you off from trading on the net, might be worth it. The thing that did annoy me was the two days left before the final offer closes. Look in two days later and it’s moved forward yet again ! :mad:

do you think if I do order the 3d magix they will actually delliver on the package? Im just worried this is a scam, The deadline changes every day you view the page. No matter what given day you check it out it always says you only have 3 days to get the deal. It is a cheap price and I am interested I just dont want to get completely ripped off. Thanks…

Go HERE. Download and install the version for your operating system and save yourself 100% of the cost of the very same piece of software. There are masses of tutorials online for both beginners and experienced uses for free or very low cost. Just look in the tutorials sub forum for links. If you find it’s not your thing, you’ve not lost anything. The site is a scam, they will always say you have limited time to buy at a ‘special’ price just so it looks like you can get a bargain.


yeah! avoid 3dmagix like the plague!
anyone for a DDOS attack on 3dmagix.com? :stuck_out_tongue: