Hi New Member here

Hello there I’m new member :slight_smile: looking forward to particiapte in forum. I’m Draga I’m 22years old single mom.

Short but sweet. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. Hope you find it as friendly and helpful as I have done over the years.

My advice would be to have a look around and acclimatise yourself. Compared to other sites there are a fair few sub-forums here, depending on your areas of interest, and although most people are open-minded (we’re mostly (aspiring?) artists here, after all ;)) some get a bit tetchy about posting in the wrong forums (Did that sentence structure suck or what??). The mods do a good job of relocating stuff though.

Have fun in 3d. :smiley:


Incidentally, the following thread is a good introduction to some capabilities of Blender and a few characters on the forum, it’s also an excellent example of a flame war narrowly avoided… Jury’s still out on the flame war as far as I can see though…

Welcome to the forum mate. Hope that you enjoy the board, a lot of great members are here ready to help you.

Welcome to the forum and i hope you enjoy your stay.