Hi, new user and a problem rendering the layers of a model

Hello, name’s molegato, and i’m a begginer in blender and, well, in 3d in general~
I’ve got a problem with a simple character low-poly model, some faces draw over other wich are actually nearer to the camera… maybe a picture could explain it better…

that only happens in blendergame render mode anyway, anyone knows if that’s normal? and how to fix it?
Thanks in advance~

Difficult to see but try selecting all vertices (A) and recalculate normals (Ctrl+N)

That’s the first thing i thought, but doing so didnt solve the problem, and it’s weird that it only looks like this in blender game, not in normal render or the default view. Maybe it’s a bug of the blender version? (i didnt update in kinda a while)

Post a link to your blend file

Well, here’s the blend and the texture files, nothing fancy about the model, i know, but i made i will be happy if i manage to make it work before starting something more complex ^^U
Btw, thanks for the fast reply :smiley:


Guy.blend (895 KB)

Deselct Transparency in the material settings. Duplicate the material, switch the transparency on and apply this 2nd material just to the glasses.


Guy.blend (159 KB)

Great! it worked just fine! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks you so much
anyway i dont understand very well why it didnt work in the other way, the transparency is got by the texture’s alpha if i’m right