hi people

I have been legally set up to do 3d freelance work for about a half a year. But I actually started making something for possible client yesterday. Seems like I am just gonna make myself and my client to fall on our asses to mud. Small goals and one goal at the time, thats what i got to keep saying to myself, otherwise a chaos and mudslide. If you have any comment to subject I would be interesting of reading it unless i am busy at moment doing a mudslide.

desided to add indigo renderer to chaos

your threads are more entertaining when you are drunk



Move along.

I try to get a bottle of whisky, i will not promise anything. I can hardly afford food these days…

edit-> actually i think today alcohol can make me suicidally depressed, lack of sleep and stuff. I wont get a bottle, i go begging anyway, maybe steel from some drunkard at park ,no way, bad me bad me