Hi Poly Converting to a Low Poly


I have a very high poly model that i want to use in a game, im just woundering if theres a way to select it and lower the poly count, like potentially “average” the faces to make it more game ready, thanks in advance,

save another version of the file, and start deleting edgeloops that aren’t as important on the lowpoly model(there are automated systems but i find that they don’t produce very good results) then, create a uv-layout(uv-map the model) and bake normals from high-detail object to the low-detail object.

You can also use the re-top tool to trace your high poly modle and then use the bake normal twchnique

there is also a Python script called “mesh poly reduce” (Link). I never used it myself, but it might be what you are looking for.

/ Mats

Unfortunately most of these scripts, while reducing faces, hardly ever do so in an animation friendly way. I don’t know though, this is from personal experience. But with every model I’ve eveer used one of these scripts for after converting the tris to quads there are either no loops or loops so crazy that trying to focus on them will make you throw up :spin:(maybe thats an exageration…but you get the idea). Which is fine if its just a still image your going for…I’ve used them plenty. But for a game where the models are animated…meshs that are anti animation friendly tend to deform ALOT in places they shouldn’t. Bbut try it out anyway lol, who knows I may jsut be doing it wrong.

Follow Felix_Kütt’s advice, to avoid HouseArrest’s experience.

use the retopo tool, that way you get exactly what you want. check the tutorials forum for a tut i just left there called ‘make an eggy toon’ to get the general idea. It’s about how to make a model from primitives, but just substitute a high poly base for the primitives.
(edit) also, if you are making a low poly object from a high poly one, you might as well put it in the latest cvs and bake the normals of your high poly object onto your low poly one. then it will look just like the high poly one except for around the edges.