Hi poly flower field

I only let this cook for 30 passes because the water drops don’t look right. There are also some collision problems I need to figure out.
Anyway, there are 1000 flowers and 300,000 blades of grass. mem usage was 2.5 gigs.
Each flower has 550,000 faces and the grass varies from 25-150 faces.

Why do you need so many blades of grass, I don’t see how you would need it to be that thick when most of them can’t be seen due to the flowers.

Also, I’m thinking the water drops may need more transparency, right now they almost look like tiny insects.

This was really just a test to see if I could do a bunch of high poly flowers and grass. So I added a bunch of grass to see how it affected overhead.
The flowers also have a couple particle systems on them, so I wanted to see what I had to do to make them able to use in a particle system.

@Rich33584 pretty test, i like it. As Ace said, more transparency on the droplets will be nice. Did you used translucent in the petals?
Also will be nice to see them in a sunset with the sun in the line of vision