Hi! Problem with Slow, Lagging display? HLP PLS!

My specs are: Mac OSX 10.4.11 - Dual 867 Mhz Power PC G4 - 1Mb L3 cache per processor - 1.75 Gb Ram - NVidia GeForce4 MX running 2 x 17 inch displays.

I am using Blender 249.2 and Python 2.6

My problem is that I can only run Blender whilst my graphics card is set to thousands of colours. When I try to start the program in millions of colours it just freezes/lags and my Mac does not like it at all. It runs perfect, very smooth and nice in thousands of colours.

Is there anything I could change with my set up to make it run in Millions? I don’t mind running it in thousands of colours whilst I’m learning Blender but would rather run it in millions for when I render etc? Surely a computer with this spec could run Blender 249.2 in millions of colours?

Thanks in advance for any replies.:slight_smile: