Hi some problems exporting .x files and materials


I got introduced to Blender a few dyas ago. I’ve made quite a few things in it and all that stuff and was very impressed. I did however have some horrendous problems exporting materials in .x format. They were placing materials and textures where they had not been applied to at all. Even a brand new model build with texture only applied to the legs had textures showing up on the arms when rendering as a .x file with DirectX. I’d resorted to just using Blender to make the model and then exporting it to Milkshape to do the texturing and animation.

That would work but it would be an awful shame not to use the amazing functionality of Blender for things like animation and stuff. So I’d like to know the following thanks:

1)Can blender export .x files materials ok and have I just messed something up?

2)If I can’t use blender for texturing can I export animations ok that will re-open in another program i.e. Milkshape. I was thinking of exporting in .3DS format for this. Any ideas?

Thanks for the help :wink:

I think I’m getting there with this one. Looks like now I’m going to have to learn to script and export the data raw. This isn’t a big deal. Sure I could criticise Blender for not exporting .x files properly or in a way DirectX viewer can show or DirectX applications can render - but since learning Python module scripting and seeing Blender’s animation system, it’s becoming obvious to me that whoever wrote Blender is an absolute genius both in code ability and decision making quality. And if I have to do a bit of work to get it to do what I want so damn be it. Big deal ;o)

So to whoever made this amazing tool - well …thanks ;o)