Hi-Tech Go Kart WIP

So I sketched out the design for this about 6 months ago and have been working on it on and off since then.
I have yet to go over it with dirt masks/wear and tear materials, but I’d like to get some feedback before I take it any deeper.

The ideal I’d like to see is a semi-realistic or realistic animation model that I can use for whatever, but I’m a bit low on ideas…

So anyway.
I don’t have any really high quality renders yet, but these are a few of what there is so far


And an interior view


Wow ! The level of details is amazing oO

Congrats !

Any critique? :stuck_out_tongue:

What if the wheels rotated 90 degrees, parallel to the ground, and the vehicle could then fly?

The model itself is just excellent, with killer details galore. But I hope you spend some time really working on the scenes background, to me that’s the only weak link.

It might be cool to integrate a headlight possibly for night driving.

I would shoot for some outdoor renders as well. Are you using HDRI at all for lighting?

This thing would be a blast to animate, if your able to do it… but with the level of detail, I have to believe, it’s pretty heavy from a poly count. But a fantastic job so far.

I agree, details and decoration sell this, but I think you need to spend a bit of time on shaders. Mostly cabin shaders. It looked very messy in there with all the bright chrome. Just a suggestion.

I think you should add an little instrument panel :wink: The interior on the 3/4 view is too empty.

Once again, good job !

Thanks so much guys!!

The scene is just a throwaway placebo for reflections

I will make another pass on the interior
And yeah, I have the column for the instrument panel built just not the thing itself :slight_smile:

cycles? dosn’t look like

Yeah it’s all in cycles

That’s a serious machine! That interior is looking really nice. In post 2, is that a reflector I see?

I don’t think so
I’ve fixed a few things since the last upload and am rendering it now

here’s a slightly higher quality render with a few of the newer changes


The modeling detail is remarkable! Can you post a wireframe? I would love to see how the edge flow lines up on the outside body piece and the wheel covers (the glossy green pieces). It would be awesome if you put some small lights inside the machinery to throw some of that modeling detail into relief / silhouette, like the LEDs that stock car modders use.

Here’s a rough wireframe
I can’t get a nicer one working easily


Well the edge flow up around those vents is tricky, but the result looks pretty good!


as the others, I like all the details you put in it ;).

One question: how the kart can stand straight idle without something to support it ? I think it would fall on the engine at the back the way you did it.


I’m assuming it has a gyroscope/accelerometer that redistributes the weighting system…
if you look at the wheels you can see there’s a crud ton of stuff there that could be anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Newer images!

This is a model I’d like to prepare for sale on TurboSquid
I’ve read up on their rules and expectations (All 25-odd separate pages of them) and looked at some of the similar models.
All in all, I’d really love some feedback on what could be improved/added/subtracted from the model, shaders, etc to make this a bit better done.