Hi there, i have a little problem with blender and its about adding rigged charecters

i want to add 2 models or more and there rigged and made in blender but i cant import on any scene i tried using the shit f1 but it opens a file manager and i click on the model and it dosent do any thing and i dont want to append or link because i have a rigged character so can someone please help me

In original file of character, you have to put mesh+armature into a collection.
Then, in file that should contain animated rendered scene, you have to link this collection.
Eventually, you select collection instance and make a library override on it (Object menu -> Relations -> Make Library Override).
Collection Instance becomes a real collection that can be renamed (it is preferable to distinguish it from linked collection that have same name and is available in Collection Instance menu to add other instances of same character).
Remains a useless empty that can be deleted.
Now, you can pass armature into pose mode and animate your character.

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but how do i edit the file?

So, you mean that you are not the author of characters ?

To edit a .blend file, you just have to open it.
Collections are really a vital function of Blender 2.8 design.
You really have to know how to create them and move objects in them before trying to accomplish anything in Blender.
You just have to read chapter about Outliner in online manual or follow a tutorial about collections.

bruh i just logged in to my account to find this old post lol so never mind i was dumb with blender XD and still am