hi to all

im in a bit of a pickle :slight_smile: right iv drawn a picture on paper and decided id like to scan it into my computer and i want to trace over it and turn it into a gif like image that looks similar to a logo or something your see on a clothing brand, just wondering how id go about this? i have paint shop pro but cant find a decent way of doing it unless the only way is drawing over it again… wich will take a while with a mouse, any techniques?

Use some sort of magnetic lasso or the point to point lasso to outline the letters and basic shapes, then use the paint bucket (G) to fill. You can do a lot of the edges super nice with the border tools window, add a shadow underneath or have the letters glow.

Best way would be to scan it and then go over it with a vector app instead of something like paintshop pro. Use Inkscape or something similar. That way you can blow it up to whatever size you want and not have to worry about the resolution. This is good because to print it out onto anything the image has to be pretty large (at 300 dpi, a standard sheet of xerox copy paper - A4 - is about 2500x3500 pixels).

I can’t remember if inkscape has an auto-trace tool, but some vector apps do, and I’m sure there’s some free ones out there. Basically you just tell it to trace the art and it will convert it to vectors and you can then adjust it, tweak it, etc.