Hi there,

I re-constructed our web site using flash MX. And resized all [HORUS] movie little bit small (240*180pixel: 2~5MB each).
If you have [Ka•ra] book, you could read the notes for concept of works by pdf file (Thanks, BlenderBob! :smiley: ). Please get newest flash plug-in from Macromedia’s site and come


and pdf is



– Shige

wow, cool!

finally we can look at thew earlier episodes too. they ROCK!

I was just wondering, would it be a good idea if we gave your URL to cgchannel or something? with the recent bad publications, it would bing a bit of respect to blender i think…
just wondering…

keep it up, only 4 episodes to go (if the timetable is correct)


oh excellent excellent! great stuff all around, and thanks for the smaller file sizes for us non dsl internet members =) i love the new site makeover! and i cant wait for more updates on horus, its gonna be great and interesting

Hi Shige,

your new Flash based site works alot better for me now, Thanks

What`s the chances of seeing Horus on the new Tech TV show
“Eye Drops”

I think Horus would be as big a hit on Tech TV , as it is here in the blender community.

  as always,

           Great job!


uh! I have always liked your stuff, renderings and animations, A LOT, but I really must say, this new website is just awful!

first of all, it needs the newest flash player, which I dont much like…

secondly, all the thumbnails are gone, I have to move mouse over small boxes to get thumbnails… kind of takes away the whole idea of having thumbnails… now you have to go through every box everytime you want to find one picture!

and finally, it’s buggy: sometimes the thumbnails don’t show.

the only thing I liked on the new design is the small guy that walk and does stuff… and ofcourse thepictures… they are great, as always.

just my opinion… others may like it more…


Hey Shige,

welcome to these boards,
It’s a good thing that you have the earlier episodes online aswell now, however I myself am not very fond of the whole flash thing when it’s used for websites.


Good to see you back shige!

Anyway, I have to agree with Kibble and Basse on this one. I wanted to look at you gallery but it took nearly 20 minutes to load all the pictures on my measly 56k modem…

Personally I prefer good old fashioned HTML.


I also am no fan of flash. I hate it! I try to avoid sites with flash if I can. I hope you fix the issues soon.

hi, I like your blender stuff and [of course] Horus.
I’m sorry to say that your old site was better [/me hates flash, too]. Your new site seems to be a bit more representative for your company but the movies are taking ages to load… :frowning:
anyways, i like horus and that’ s the most important thing of this site :slight_smile:


Sweet!! Glad to see the finished product after soooo many long hours (<-- sarcasim… lol). It looks great Shige :smiley: ! Hope to see some more of your work out there!