Well, i’m new here. Let me introduce myself, my real name is Kenneth and i’m 17 years old. I draw alot and now i want to start working in Blender. I was doing the wikibook tutorial : from noob to pro but seeing as they are updating i’m a bit stuck :expressionless: . Anyways this looks like a great place to learn 3d and make friends in that area :smiley: .

well g’day, welcome to elYsiun, soon to be Blender Artists

Well, since you are going to start 3D, I’ll show you some tips.I have been using Blender for a little while, but I know some good tips.

You should get The Gimp, if you don’t have it already.

This is like Photoshop, but fully free. It will help you in your quest for… 3Ddom, I guess.

Also, you should read as many tutorials as possble.
^Video tutorials^

And whenever you need any help, don’t hesitate to google it first (people come around here trying to make us think and model for them).
Then just post in the Blender General forum if it’s technical, or if you want some art help, post in the works in progress forum.

Here are some general tips:
Save as much as possible. Using Ctrl-W. I do it about every time I move something.
If you have a cube and it looks all nice and you put a nice texture on it, bevel it a little to make it nicer.
The interface is very well-made, and it’ll get a billion times easier after you used it.
References are very important.If you’re looking for realisim, that is.
YafRay is a much better renderer than the internal Blender Renderer, but some values are differnt. If you use bump-maps (it makes the surface of something have , well, bumps), a value of .30 in blender render would be more like 1.3 in YafRay. But with a light, it might be pretty bright in Blender, but really dark in yafray.Unless you use GI (Global Illumination), that will make your scene look a lot better(if used skillfuly) and brighter. But rember to always use a sky map.
You can get some here.
(These are down for the moment)
If you have no skymap, then the render won’t look as good.

That’s all I can think of right now. Have fun.

And remember, do it… the Blender way!

Thx for the help :smiley: . Yea i’ll always search it on google first, then i can more likely say i did it all on my own :stuck_out_tongue: . And i’ll check every tutorial i see :).
And thx for gimp, it will come in handy :slight_smile: