(mrmunkily) #1

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been less active for a while here. I’ve just started school at Cornell University, and It’s time work me to start working my butt off. Hence, I’ll be around even less than usual. Most importatly, I don’t think I’ll be around for the launch. When I come back in full capacity, I want to see blender 3!

yhea, whatever, catch me idling on IRC…

-BlenderMunky Extrordinaire.

(fullback) #2

Cornell is beautiful this time of year. Wouldn’t want to be there when the snow and wind come through though. BTW, have fun crossing that suspension bridge over the gorge when the wind is blowing and ice has formed on the railings. :smiley:

Good luck with your studies.

(mrmunkily) #3

Yhea, there was a message flyer posted there “supposedly” by the ithaca police cheif that said

“Stay ahead of your work,
I Don’t want to have to pull ou out of the gorge”

It was funny yet morbid. Everyone knows that one day you could look down from the bridge and see a dead guy.

(harkyman) #4

What’s your major? One of my good friends just started there as a Marketing Prof. Maybe you’ll have him. Ha!

Good luck.

My rules for college success…

  1. Go to all your classes.
  2. Do all your homework.
    That’s it. Took me about a year and a half to figure that out.

(mrmunkily) #5

I’m a bio major (they say it’s hell but i think otherwise) and it’s not too shabby. I have one prof with a funny squeaky voice. people take the class (easy) to listen to his funny voice.

Biology is hard but interesting. I hope i get more time for blender later in the year. certainly I’ll DL the new releases as they come along and yell and scream if they do not meet my standards. Ha!

(IMProvisar) #6

Half sounds like the guy I took for two classes, “Operating Systems” and “Unix System Administration”.

Serious computer geek, super-quiet voice (maybe the first two rows could hear everything he said), and super easy classes. Hair and beard totally unkempt… who knows how often he got a haircut or beard trim… prolly 2-3 times a year, hehe