Hiccups in geometry

Hi all,

This is my first time using cycles and I’ve run into a strange ridge of shadow that’s appearing across my model’s head/ears and along its neck. The underlying geometry seems clean, I’ve tried adding more faces to no avail. I’m over my skill level, does anyone recognize this pattern of distortion and want to offer advice? Sorry my blend file seems to be over the upload limit, if it’s necessary let me know and I’ll consolidate the model. Thanks!

Check all the face normals are pointing outwards.

Remove any faces inside the mesh
Select all vertices then
Remove double vertices (W / remove doubles)
Recalculate normals (Ctrl+N)
Flip selected faces with W / Flip Normals

Supply a link to a demo blend file that shows the problem for review

It’s always necessary. Tutorial linked in my signature tells why and how.

I’ll add couple of things to the list Richard posted

  • Object mode, ctrl+A -> scale. Applies object scale by transferring the scale multiplication to the mesh and then resetting the object scale back to 1,1,1
  • Remove any faces inside the mesh - Edit mode, interior faces non-manifold error, edges sharing more than two faces
  • Select all vertices then, remove double vertices (W / remove doubles) - Edit mode
  • Recalculate normals (Ctrl+N) - Edit mode

In that order because the order matters.