Hidden Armatures

I’ve got a character rigged, but when I was in pose mode I used the ‘H’ key it hide the armatures. After that I swapped back to object mode, the armatures remained hidden leaving me unable to select any armatures to get back to pose mode if anyone has a solution any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Levi :-?


I think, you’ve got to go back to posemode and there use the ALT-HKEY to show hidden bones. the re-showing of hidden objects - in this case bones - seems to work only in that mode in which you’ve hidden them.

okay - if you are not able going back there, you should perhaps use the outliner (in the list-mode) and select the armature there.

i use Blender 2.37a, and it works.


Yup managed it ,thanks for the reply. There was a small object center point for the armatures that was not very obvious, having clicked on that it then gave me the chance to get back to pose mode.

Cheers Eddy ! :smiley: