Hidden Layers

I had the paper craft looking trees and this palette that I used on another scene, I ended up using them on this scene, everything was just put together like that xD

I kinda like the one that looks more organic, though everyone commented how the other one looks cleaner design wise, which is true.

What do you guys think?


both of thim are amazing, but i like the first one !!!

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I absolutely like both of them. If I have to say one thing is that in the 1st one the reflection on the bottom part look a little distracting, but except for that they’re both good

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Goof work i really like this…

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For me, the first one looks better and the second one is more interesting. Looks better in the sense of visually more appealing and more interesting in the sense, that I curiously explored all the details in the layers.
That’s why I prefer the second one. Visually pleasing is great, but wanting to explore something is outstanding.

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I think that the second one has more consistent style, but I like both, congrats :+1:

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I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile: