Hidden light source?

Here I have an object first with HDRi lighting set to 1…

… then here with HDRi lighting set to 0…

What’s going on here? I would expect to see nothing at all with the lighting off (I disabled other light sources), but weirdly it only seems to effect some of the textures. A similar, yet kind of opposite issue is with a white table in this same project, if I have the HDRi set to 1 it is extremely bright, if it is set to 0, I can still see it, and it looks about right.

I can’t post the file it’s way too big, but any ideas would be much appreciated.

Just wanna bump this, these 2 objects are conflicting each other and making it impossible to render.

Maybe some materials use a emission shader? Emission shaders don’t need a light source.

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Thanks Patrick, in fact I managed to fix it, it turns out Ambient Occlusion was on. Not sure why it effects some textures and not others, but turning it off fixed the problem.

Principled sheen interact with global AO in a weird, possibly buggy way.