Hidden object cast reflections and shadows

Hello everyone. Been trying to figure out Eevee’s rendering and am starting to wrap my head around some of it however I have hit an issue with a scene I’m trying to set up and I’m not sure how to resolve it.

Have a shot with a long tall narrow semi polished stone hallway with Pictures hanging on the wall on one side and fancy windows the other. I want to shine a light through windows so there shape and shadows is cast along the wall as is the reflection of the windows which is repetitively simple, the part I can’t seem to work out is I want to hide all the geometry from the window wall from the camera so when I do a pan shot of the pictures on the wall I can pull the camera back with out seeing the other wall in the way. But I still want it to interact with the light and reflections as normal.

Not sure if there is a way to do this using materials, or light paths or probes or what but so far I’m stuck. Anyone who can explain this, provide a example .blend or link to existing method.

Would be great if the method worked in cycles as well if possible or a way to have it work in both Eevee and cycles. without to much adjusting when switching between them.

If I understand the situation correctly, this should work just fine in both renderers.

With such a quick solution, it would’ve been nice if someone had noticed 27 days ago.:thinking: