Hidden object showing in AO, not RGB

I hide (using holdout option in outliner) a few objects of my scene. When rendering in RGB it’s ok but with some alpha data. AO layer shows some of that hidden objects. Probably a bug? There are other objects into the same collection that don’t show up only this one



RGB alpha

Can you drop the file here? the Holdout option does not actually remove the mesh, it just (effectively) changes the material, so all the AO calculations are still there. You may have not actually hidden the object from the render

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But the problem it’s I can’t get those objects out of my AO render if there isn’t another way that holdout. Or am I missing anything and I can get that result using another technique?

EDIT: I’m using RGB pass as a matte pass to hide those parts but that’s a kind of workaround

you cant just HIDE hide it?

Not because the “power” of holdout is work as a matte object and mask the parts that those holdout objects are overlapping. A bit old but it explanins what I mean


In this case is working with holdout as shader but this way using outliner is better… but it doesn’t work correctly :frowning: