"Hidden Secrets"

Just started the setting for my “Hidden Secrets” image this morning.

My concept is to include a girl who is running from something/someone because of something she did/does; her hidden secrets (the specific interpretation is up to the viewer).

The basic underlying concept is: As humans, we are always running from our past, whether it may be regrets, a certain person, an event. I’m hoping to bring out the negative side of this characteristic of our human nature. Of course this fact about us isn’t entirely bad, but I believe in accepting the past, learning from mistakes, moving on, etc. instead of letting it take over you and constantly running from it. (Too deep? :P)

Just to give you an idea of the female, I’m working on her facial expression off of Piper Perabo in a still I found from her recent series, “Covert Affairs”. I don’t watch the series myself, but the previews of the show is always on during the commercials, her expression in this image is the exact look I’m going for:

This setting obviously needs a ton of work:
-lighting overall (needs darker lighting than it is now)
-background (the one that is there currently is only rather for a placeholder for the reflection in the puddles)
-doors, possibly windows, and more detail on the buildings still need to be added
-and of course when all is done I will create an effect in the compositor to have the street lights emit light
-and I think the relative size of the stone floor to the buildings and the rest of the scene is a little off, but what do you think?

Please give any thoughts, negative or positive :slight_smile:

Kind of a strange alley - in that those look like street lamps, so the alley should be wider – maybe just some lamps on the walls, or widen the streets…

I like the texturing a lot - scale may be a bit off, but it is really good!

resized the ground to match the relative size of everything else

then changed the lights (which set of lights do you like better? I like the updated wall ones better :slight_smile: ), added doors, and added a girl (makehuman)

and here’s a wip of the girl’s hair, which is rendering right now (computer is super slow when hair particles are added, may take a couple of hours)

I think it is coming along well. In the second image of your last post however, I think the green light covers need a little more reflection to look like metal… But then, take everything I say with a grain of salt, because what do I know? :smiley:

I’m gonna say the green lights, what colour is the light source?

Love the puddle reflections…

  1. Wall lights are good - except you may want to have tubes or something coming to them (power lines) it just adds a little detail. Not necessarily required, but a thought.
  2. I would lower the ambient lights and make the wall lights spread more, give it a higher contrast (key word being “I would” becuase its Your project so you have to get it in your head what you want to do…)
    I don’t like the camera angle – looking at the door straight on is kind of … monotonous … I would probably do a low shot or set the camera at an angle (rotate it so UP is to the upper right of the camera – look at your reference photo and see how the camera is not level with the ground, but tilted)

These are all just suggestions, overall it’s technically (modelling, scale, etc) very good, just could use some artistic flair (smoke, haze, motion blur interesting camera angle, whatever)