Hidden UV mapping tools

I’ve been away from Blender for a while - now using 28.2 and slowly caching up on where everything is now hidden:)
One thing I just can’t find are the UV mapping aids/tools. Project from view, follow active quads, the various projections, heat map for stretching, etc. In desperation, I hit the space bar and typed “project” and there popped up a couple of projection options, but not all of them.
So, where have they hidden these great aids?

Cheers and keep safe:)

Look under the UV menu in the 3D viewport. It mainly has UV stuff to do with “sending” stuff to the UV Editor. The UV Editor has its own different UV menu and the overlay for stretching and stuff is found under the View tab of the UV Editor’s Properties panel.

Dont know if it works with the new keyboard layout . But i press U in edit mode with face selected.

Thanks guys - I was looking in the UV editor for basic UV tools - memory let me down!

I know there is a “minimize stretching” tool in the UV editor - what I/m looking for is a tool which overlays colors on the UV map to show stretching - a sort of heat map ranging from blue through green, yellow, red, depending on the severity of stretching.

The other tools I was missing are in a plugin “Magic UV”