Hidden vertices / edges / faces removal in Edit Mode

I always keep selecting the wrong vertices / faces / edges when I’m in edit mode. This is because there’s no hidden vertices / faces / edges removal is present by default. Is there a way to turn this on? If not, I’d like to propose this as a feature.

Do you mean you keep selecting the verts hidden on the other side of the mesh? Try hitting this button.


Thanks, that’s what I was looking for.:rolleyes:

I can’t find this button in 2.58! Anyone know where it’s at?

here it is…


This is driving me nuts! I still can’t see it, neither in object mode nor edit mode.

Is it only shown under certain conditions?

It will only show up in edit mode.

Should be about the same place as the layers are in object mode

check shading mode not to be wireframe or bounding box…

Ah thanks, I found it.