hello guys, this is my render of a cabin in the woods. everything except the original textures (cgtextures.com) and the hdri background (hdri-hub.com) were made by me. the sunbeams and fog are volumetrics and rendered apart. composition in Gimp. 1000 samples. It took me like 12 hours to render the full size version (1240x1754), hope you like it.

Wow! Are the trees made in Blender, or did you use Gimp to put them in?

made in blender with the sapling addon

Awesome work, can you post a link to the full res image?

Love the calm mood. Can totally see it being the location of the game.

I like it a lot, but I find the house to be a little bit off focus. Might now be, it just looks a little weird for my eyes. The whole picture seems off focus, and I am not sure which is the main element. Also, did you try to great a diagonal effect? I’d suggest trying to shoot a little higher. But this is just my opinion. Anyways, great work! It’s very beautiful, and I myself am not yet able to do such a thing, so I encourage you to do what you feel is right with this.

I really enjoy the environment, and the light effects on the house (tree shadows) really helps sell the piece. I love stylized photorealism :smiley:

Looks inviting and eerie at the same time. Well done!