Hide 3D Cursor

This addon basically takes advantage of a hack in blender. With the default viewing angle, you can’t see the 3d cursor if it is set at infinity, so this addon just introduces an operator to set the 3d cursor at infinity.

To use it hit spacebar->then search for “Hide 3D Cursor”

If your viewing angle is less than about 25 degrees, you will still see 3d cursor.


yep - it would. Still, I would use it all the time, and so other might too. I would prefer an official option to hide 3d cursor as well, but in the meantime this would have to do. I’m going to say it’s user error if people are adding objects at infinity. They can always hit alt+g to snap it back to reality.

Excellent, it is back. Many thanks.

When the Blender devs wouldn’t ignore this problem so hard then it wouldn’t be necessary to use this dirty hacks. So i have to blame the Blender devs here, not the hack, sorry.

I would even add this script to the wiki :wink:

It appears that http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/3D_interaction/Enhanced_3D_Cursor has hiding of 3d cursor too. So I’ll probably not maintain this.