hide a mesh but keep the reflection effect of the texture


I am trying to render a 360 camera orbit around a gold trophy model. At the same time I want the trophy to reflect in a shiny black floor. I am using 2.6 but dont want to go the cycles root because I cannot render halo lighting (correct? :P)

I cannot create a world texture to reflect into the gold of the trophy without it reflecting in the black floor (dont want that). I cannot create a reflecting mesh for the gold that does not get in the way of the camera/render view. I dont want to fix the reflector behind the camera during the orbit.

I attach two images - the screenshot2 is what I am trying to achieve but the black floor is reflecting up into the bowl of the trophy. I need the trophy to be as goldy as screenshot

Any help please?

Many thanks

I do apologise …i have worked it out after a whole day.

I was able to place my reflection meshes onto separate layers and then exclude them from the render but still get the reflection.