Hide console


Does anybody know a way to hide the console window of the Blender Creator 2.23 under Windows?

Thanx! :slight_smile:

Why would you want to hide it?
It provides useful info when rendering an animation, using sequence plugins or python scripts.

I don’t know how to hide it anyhow…


Minimize it if you want, but that’s all I know you can do (other than move it off the screen?).

There’s really no way to ‘hide’ the console window or get rid of it, because the standard output and error output (as well as other things I’m sure) of Blender are command line driven.

If you REALLY don’t want that console window messing up your taksbar, then what you might want to do is download and install some software that gives you multiple virtual-desktops. Esentially, you’d have a hotkey that would let you swap between different desktops, and you could just dump the console window to that desktop.

There’s gotta be at least a hundred apps out there that do that, and if you’ve got an nVidia graphics card, just grab the latest Detonator drivers and take a look in your control panel for an nVidia Display Settings icon, where you’ll find settings for virtual desktops.

Or, you could just make the jump to Linux, as just about every window-manager that exists in it has virtual-desktops. :wink:

Thank you all for your answers, but I’ve already found something! :slight_smile: