Hide entire collection?

The highlighted arch is in the Arch Dividers collection. I’ve set the camera and eye icons to off, yet it still displays. I’m trying to hide the entire collection without having to go in and hide them individually (which I can do). Also, unticking the little box doesn’t hide the collection. Thanks.

Eye roll update. The eye and monitor at the whole collection level do nothing. So, why are they there? To hide an entire collection, you must right click on the collecion header → Visibility–> Show / Hide all inside. Ugh. I set Show / Hide to quick favorites, so now I can hover over the collection header, Q show/hide. Weird. Seems like the eye and icon should work on a whole collection level.

Another update: shift+eye hides the whole collection. Again, what else would I want to do by clicking the eye on a collection level. Argh.

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Hmmm… do those objects exist in “Collection” as well as in “Arch Dividers”?

Oh, yes. I bet they do. That would do it. Thanks.