Hide faces in Vertex Paint? Get at a vertex behind another part of the mesh.

Hi there!
How on Earth do you get at vertices that are hidden in overlapped corners? Can I hide parts of my model in vertex paint mode? How? I’ve been hunting around for a couple hours now, and while there seems to be a solution to my problem, everything seems to be outdated, referencing obsolete hotkeys and such. For example, several people out there have given explicit instructions to hide vertices in edit mode, then switch to Vertex Paint, and enter face mode by pressing F. This of course just changes the brush size. Meanwhile, the hidden faces are not hidden in Vertex paint mode.
Obviously, there has to be a way, or Vertex Paint would be virtually useless for anything but the simplest meshes.


If You click the little - Face selection masking for painting - in Menuline in Vertex paint.

You can right click on a Face - To only paint on that face…Use shift right click to select more faces.

Dunno if that can solve the problem…?


To expand on Taipan’s answer: the shortcut for the face selection masking is M. Like Taipan said you can select the faces directly in vertex paint mode (including the shortcuts for linked selection and invert selection). But you can also switch back and forth to edit mode with tab to use more advanced ways of selection.
Hidden geometry unfortunately is not hidden in vertex paint mode but if you need to get to some occluded faces you can select them and then in paint mode with masking enabled press Shift-K. That acts like a “flood fill selected”. There’s also Alt-B that lets you hide part of the mesh using box selection. Press Alt-B again to get it back.

that doesn’t solve the specific problem, but it will definitely solve other problems that were slowing me down!
Many thanks!
That gets me what I need! I had no idea there was such a function!
Thanks again to you both!